A Very Late Travel Post

(lol so I started this like 3 weeks ago but got hosed, so here is it is).

I’ve been shamed into finishing this – so I’m just going to try to push this out while I’m eating dinner. For reference this is my dinner: a steak pie from Morrison’s – the cheapish local supermarket, tomatoes and sugar, leftover stir-fried pork belly, and a pita (8 for 50 pence!). One thing that struck me is how almost all of the meat and produce is locally sourced from the UK – surprising because it’s still quite cheap.

=== back to the original post ===

It’s 20:39 GMT in Scotland right now, and I’m typing this from my hotel room in Aberdeen.

Today was our first day at our school placement, but not the first day for the students. Their semester starts tomorrow, and so today was a professional development day for the teachers and staff. So we got to meet a lot of people! For this post, I’m just aiming for a semi-organized photo dump and travel log of how we got there – since I gotta go and work on a presentation we have scheduled tomorrow.

On to travel!

Transit modes in order: car, subway, train, moving walkway, jet plane, single decker bus, double decker bus, single decker bus, turboprop plane, taxi.

That’s 8 unique modes of transit!


Boston on the car ride in from home!

At MIT, I met up with my GTL placement partner and we took the Red Line to South Station.

If you squint, you can see our train to TF Green Airport (to Wickford Junction, 3rd row from top).

We arrived at TF Greene, rode some moving walkways, and got on our flight to Dublin. I slept maybe like 4 hours.

Waiting to push back from PVD. Overall, pretty small airport.

Landed in Dublin for 24-hour layover.
Our ticket into the city!
Fried tomatoes, beans, sausage, fried eggs, black pudding, white pudding, fried potato…
Outside the Dublin Pub
Ireland to Scotland
Day 2 in Aberdeen – a look at a fairly typical street. On the left is probably the most common Aberdonian building – local gray granite.

Okay, this was rushed – but at least I’ve got one post out. Hoping my next one will be more reflective and have more narrative in it.


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    1. I can’t think of anyone with that name, hm. but whoever flamed you was fully justified because you did not know the shrek accent was scottish


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