At ESP, we aim to spread our love of teaching and learning to local students and the MIT community. This IAP, many of our members are taking the “spreading” part a bit farther, quite literally, by going abroad and teaching via MISTI’s Global Teaching Labs program.

We have
Abhijit, Paolo, Sarah, and Sid in Italy,
Wendy in Jordan,
Saranesh and Sophie in Kazakhstan,
Michelle in Korea,
Brandon in Scotland, and
Lexi in Spain.

(Edit) We will also have Phil writing about his experience teaching chemistry to local 10th graders for the MIT Scheller Teacher Educator Program and Evan writing from Palo Alto, CA, about his experience working with Project Invent, a program that supports high schoolers in inventing problem-solving technologies.

We will be sharing our personal stories with teaching and traveling on this blog, and we hope you will join us as we write about our experiences this January.

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A note on “Splash on Planes”: ESP used to run a program called Splash on Wheels, where ESP brought Splash (the teachers and courses) to local high schools. In this case, we’re bringing the learning to students by flying to other countries!